Toyota Mirai at Canterbury Toyota

Launched in 2014, the Mirai was one of the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and a huge step towards our goal of achieving zero emission mobility by 2050. Now we’re proud to introduce the second generation, with a 30% increase in range, better handling and sharper styling. We’ve taken a huge step towards a hydrogen powered future.

With a 650km range[G11] and quick refuelling, fossil free mobility is becoming more accessible.

No harmful emissions, the only by-product is water vapor.

Abundant resources, hydrogen is everywhere.

All the safety, technology and comfort you expect from a Toyota.

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Energy is everywhere

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. It’s in everything, all around us. It’s non-toxic and easily stores for extended times. We believe that hydrogen fuel is ideal for the future of mobility, this is why we’re immensely excited about hydrogen powered mobility today.

Hydrogen is everywhere

No greenhouse emissions

The potential for clean production

Able to be stored as a liquid or gas


For hydrogen to be turned into energy it needs oxygen to complete the reaction. The Mirai has a large front grill that takes in oxygen from the atmosphere.


Hydrogen is stored in the All-New Mirai’s safe, durable and purpose built tanks before being released into the fuel cell system.


In the fuel cell system, hydrogen and oxygen from the air combine in a chemical reaction that creates electricity to power the electric motor.

Equals energy and water

After the chemical reaction creates electricity we’re left with water, the only by-product.

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